To make your stay easy, we have booked a shuttlebus that can take you to Kongsberg City, approx. ten kilometres form the Campsite. Kongsberg can offer a variety of different shops from farmacies and grocery stores to hardware, clothing and electronics.

Time schedule for bus (Updated):
Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th

From Time To Driver
Dining Hall 1730 Kongsberg City Bjørn
Kongsberg City 1900 Dining Hall Bjørn
Dining Hall 1830 Kongsberg City Bjørn
Kongsberg City 2000 Dining Hall Bjørn
No booking needed


Join an exciting tour in the King’s mine Wednesday 18th! In Kongsberg you may take a small train 2,3 km into the mountain. Here you will have a guided tour for about 1 hour, and the train takes you safely out again. The history of Kongsberg and this region is grounded on the mining business, and the silver was property of the Danish – Norwegian king. The mining started in 1623. It ended in 1957 due to the cost of mining. Some say there still is lot of silver left in our mountains…

Due to heavy rain the mines is closed because of flooding. We have managed to get a good alternative and will visit THE NORWEGIAN MINING MUSEUM. We hope everyone will enjoy the new sigthseeing object. Silvermines opened again.

The tour will be free of charge and the bus will leave at 12:15 and 14:15 hours from the Dining Hall. The sightseeing trip will take approx. 2 hours in total before the bus returns.

Please make your booking at The Info Centre before tuesday 17th 15:00 (03:00 pm) as we need to know how many persons that will be participating.


There will be possibilities for loan of welfare equipments like football, basketball, volleyball and badminton. You can get this from the Info Centre.